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Marshall Henson

Marshal Henson, CEO - NW Works

“We work with a broad range of folks who need our support, and by folks who need our support I mean businesses.”

Marshall Henson is Chief Executive Officer of NW Works, a non-profit partner that meets the workforce needs of local businesses by recruiting, training, placing, and supporting people, who traditionally have difficulty, finding and sustaining employment. At heart, Marshall is a community developer dedicated to solving large-scale social problems. His approach is proactive and collaborative. In Marshall’s vision of the future, NW Works is an example of an organization that benefits the people and businesses of Winchester and serves as a model for regional and national work as well.

Marshall began his career in Africa. With a degree in social work, Marshall joined the Peace Corps and delivered healthcare support for two years in Malawi, a poor country ravaged at the time by the AIDS epidemic. He brought his problem-solving skills back to the US and worked briefly for a residential services provider for people with disabilities. In this capacity, he saw the importance of employment as a source of empowerment and independence. Marshall joined a regional non-profit organization that finds employment for people with disabilities, where he served for 10 years, leaving as Chief Operating Officer.

In 2017, Marshall became CEO of NW Works so that he could replicate what his previous organization did so well in an urban environment in a more cohesive community. His ultimate goal is to create a model that is successful anywhere and acts as a force of change throughout the country for people with barriers to employment.

Marshall believes that when the needs of both local businesses and those who struggle to find and sustain employment are met, society wins because businesses are stronger and the population as a whole is healthier and more productive.

Marshall currently serves vaACCES, an association of Virginia service providers that enhance support services for people with disabilities, as the Government Affairs Chair and was recently named President-Elect of the Board of Directors. He lives in Winchester, VA, with his fiancée.

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