Meet Our CEO

Richard Kozlow

Richard Kozlow - CEO of NW Works

“We can help people and allow them to realize their dreams. These individuals are the most vulnerable members of our society, and it feels amazing to contribute to their success.”

With a career spanning 40 years in international business and finance, Rich is proud to lend his operational experience and passion for people to NW Works as the CEO. The leadership skills he first developed as an Eagle Scout were later honed as he moved up the management ladder. His experiences taught him compassion for individual differences in people and the value of teamwork. Global business opportunities allowed Rich to witness first hand and respect the human condition all over the world. Rich has managed many people from different backgrounds and believes that inclusive environments are vital to the success of communities and the businesses that serve them.

After settling in Winchester several years ago, Rich was invited to serve on the NW Works Board and quickly found himself immersed in a company that was unlike any he had experienced before. The commitment of service from the employees, the community engagement with clients, and the dedication to workforce development for individuals with disabilities are aspects of the mission that Rich is the most passionate about.

NW Works Staff

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Board Members

Andrea Koenker, Ann Wadsworth, Ellen Mason, James Burton, Jessica Place, Mickey Coffman, Samir Jhaveri, Scott Spriggs, Tom Tarrant


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