Nichole TichyDirector of Community Outreach and Growth

    As Director of Community Outreach and Growth, Nichole works with clients to ensure their needs are met and helps identify ways to improve programs. She also writes grants for additional funding and reaches out to community partners to increase collaboration. Prior to joining NW Works, Nichole was a Vocational Counselor for the Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services, and before that she served as Support Coordinator for Fairfax County Government.

    Nichole is passionate about NW Works because she believes every individual should have the opportunity to explore their interests, wants, and desires. NW Works helps to break down barriers that stand in the way of those opportunities. Working at NW Works enables Nichole to recognize her personal values and provide therapeutic supports to individuals who need it most.

    When Nichole is not working she enjoys hiking, rock climbing, reading, and playing video games. When possible, she likes to travel to places that present new and exciting challenges.

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