Richard KozlowChair of the Finance Committee

    Rich Kozlow serves as the Chair of the Finance Committee of the NW Works Board of Directors. He joined the board several years ago when he moved to the Winchester area and was in search of an organization with which to become involved. He is passionate about NW Works because his grandson was born with a physical disability, and he sees firsthand how challenging living with a disability can be for families. Over the years he also came to know many of the NW Works staff and is continually impressed by their dedication and enthusiasm.

    While Rich is retired after more than 35 years in international business and finance, he occasionally does some financial and operational control related consulting work, typically for the federal government. In his spare time, he spends time with his family and enjoys being outdoors as well as photography, woodworking, watercolor painting, and reading. He is also a dedicated Formula One racing fan and loves to travel.

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    Jason Aikens recently served as the Chair of the NW Works Board of Directors. He became involved with NW Works several years ago when he donated furniture from a hotel renovation to the organization’s new headquarters building. He believes that everyone, regardless of circumstances or ability, has a desire to serve a purpose and gain a sense of self-fulfillment. Jason sees NW Works as a conduit for meaningful work for those who traditionally have difficulty finding and sustaining employment. Jason is the Vice President and Owner of Aikens Group, a commercial real estate development company serving the Shenandoah Valley. His firm specializes in the development of hotels, multi-family housing, and commercial office and retail space. When not working or supporting NW Works, Jason enjoys spending time with his family.Debra Taylor