NW Works Everyday Heroes: Noah Zeigler

A man in a black shirt and a green vest stands in the left side of the image, holding a door open.

Noah Zeigler has been with NW Works for almost two years and his latest role is the Workforce Development Coordinator.  He specializes in designing a plan for success for individuals with barriers to employment with the ultimate end goal to have that client achieve sustainable and meaningful employment in the community. At NW Works Noah is often helping clients and staff wherever he is needed –  in the lunch room, learning new skills, or helping out with client dismissal. He is also an active participant in the community, volunteering his time to various organizations and speaking on behalf of NW Works.

Noah loves helping people who need it and he can see exactly how NW Works’ services help individuals have a better chance at a productive life.  He receives individual referrals from local agencies and then pairs that person with the needed resources.  Once he can determine the barrier to employment – mental or physical, he can then devise a plan to follow that includes resume writing and soft skills training. “So many people in our community need help or services. I start at square one and figure out how to help these people. Our work is driven by the individuals we serve.”

Thank you Noah, for serving NW Works and your community with pride everyday.

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