NW Works Everyday Heroes: Jim Youngblood

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Board member Jim Youngblood has served on the NW Works Board of Directors for over 20 years. During this time he has held many positions including President and committee chair for board organization. Currently Jim contributes to the Foundation Committee, the group designated to oversee the growth of the NW Works Endowment. He works closely with the CEO and other committee members to ensure the longevity of investments and business continuity efforts.

Jim has seen tremendous growth of NW Works over the years.  From new facilities to new staff members, he has been able to see how the organization has expanded to serve more clients in our community. Jim notes that NW Works was once just a workshop providing a space for individuals with disabilities to stay for the day and do simple jobs.  Today NW Works is a thriving business offering  job placement, business services, and government contract support in three states.  When asked why he has served the organization so long, Jim explains that he always feels like a contributor. “If I can engage with the organization and the staff, I can see the impact. When you know such good work is being done – it’s a very satisfying feeling.”

Thank you Jim, for serving NW Works and your community.

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