NW Works Everyday Heroes: Josh

Image of a man wearing a green polo shirt stands at a counter frothing milk for a latte. He smiles at the camera. On the left side of the image is a green and orange logo for Firefly Cafe and Bakery against a red brick wall. On the right side of the image, a purple and black NW Works logo is again a red brick wall.

Josh has been a part of the NW Works family for almost 5 years. He started working in production at the main facility and was instantly recognized as a valuable member of the team. His supervisor suggested that he apply for a position at Firefly Café and Bakery, the fast casual restaurant owned and operated by NW Works.  Josh got the job and began as a dishwasher in 2016.  He has held many positions since then including bus boy, prep and line cook, cashier, barista, and now full time wait staff. He worked the first shift of opening day and has been an employee ever since.

“People came to Firefly Café because of the social mission, but then they realized we had awesome food and customer service and that’s when it got really busy,” Josh said.

Now that Firefly Café has had time to grow, Josh feels that it can reach more people in the community and make a bigger impact on the lives of the clients it serves.  He has seen firsthand how the mission of NW Works and Firefly Café can help individuals learn job skills and find meaningful employment. When asked about his favorite part of working at Firefly Café, Josh says it’s the customers he serves and the staff he works with. 

“People come in here and they are all different, everyone is an individual person. I learn more about myself when I meet different types of people. I love them all!”

Thanks for your service Josh!

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