NW Works Everyday Heroes: Matt Iman

An image of a man wearing a red shirt standing in front of a wall decorated with wood and gold accents. On either side of the image are red bricks.

Staff member Matt joined the NW Works team over 5 years ago. He started working in production and gradually moved up through the company, becoming a full time employee within 8 months of his first shift. Living with a disability inspired Matt to want to help others and he made it his personal mission to give a voice to individuals who cannot speak for themselves.  Matt now offers support to clients at NW Works by giving training, designing programs, and skills development.

“I particularly enjoy helping non-verbal clients learn how to work and complete tasks,” Matt says. “These are individuals that were told they could never accomplish anything. I can help change that rhetoric.”

Matt says the best part of working at NW Works is interacting with the clients. Living with his own adversity taught Matt that everyone has value and can contribute in a special way.

“I’m very good at teaching life skills, because I understand first hand how difficult in can be for individuals with disabilities.”  His personal life and desire to help others influenced Matt to pursue a career in service.

Thanks for all that you do Matt!

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