ATMOSAir Brings Clean Air, Sense of Security to NW Works

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At NW Works, staff and client safety is of the utmost importance, which is why the organization has installed a new, state-of-the-art air purification system. 

Over the past year, more and more Americans have become concerned with the quality of the air around them, especially within enclosed spaces. Even before the novel coronavirus pandemic, Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) has been a consideration for many businesses due to both the physical and psychological impacts upon employees. NW Works is proud to have installed the ATMOSAir FC 400 air purification system to ensure our facility’s air is clean and healthy for all. 

The system, which is able to remove a majority of coronavirus particles from the air, has been shown to reduce viral and bacterial contaminants, as well as reduce dust and mold within a building. The 10-unit system cost NW Works $39,000, but was funded entirely by the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) through Covid support payments. This funding made it possible to install the ATMOSAir FC400 with no impact on services provided to clients. 

Vice President of Finance Stephanie Lett says even if DMAS hadn’t funded the system, NW Works would have made the investment anyhow. 

“I think it was crucial to have [for] our folks to come back to day support,” Lett said. “Not just for the clients, but for the staff.” 

NW Works continues to make safety a top priority on all levels of the organization. Have questions or concerns about how NW Works is handling the coronavirus pandemic? Use our contact form to get in touch.

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