Independence for All

By Debera Taylor, CEO of NW Works

This weekend, many of us will celebrate Independence Day, and at NW Works, we will be closed in observance on Monday, July 5th. While our nation celebrates its independence from Great Britain on July 4th, our team celebrates independence daily: a client successfully completes a task without prompting. Or a job coach fades out service because a client is able to work in the community with minimal support. These feats may seem small to those outside of NW Works, but to those who know our clients, every step toward independence is a step toward empowerment and liberation. 

For many of our clients, they were told they would never be able to work, whether by parents, teachers, or employers. Historically, the empowerment that comes from working and the financial independence afforded by it were kept out of reach to many. But as shown by our business partners, including Trex, Pho Bistro, and the many other companies and government agencies where our clients work, anything is possible. When you hire adults with disabilities, you give them the opportunity to build self-confidence, work toward their goals, and achieve independence. It strengthens our community, promotes diversity in the workplace, and helps break down the stigmas that limit people with disabilities.

As you celebrate safely with friends and family this weekend, consider the ways you can make independence possible for people in our community. Contact us to learn more about how you can partner with NW Works to provide assessment, employment, community engagement and volunteer opportunities to adults with disabilities. Together, we can make independence accessible for all.

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