NW Works in Profile: Tina Martin

Image of Tina Martin. A middle-aged caucasian woman smiles at the camera. She is wearing a brown jacket and her gray hair is pulled into a ponytail. In the background is a grassy field and a white building.

As Center Based and Community Transitions Manager Tina Martin, looks back on the beginning of her career with NW Works, she laughs.

“I came in and did a tour and I was hooked,” Martin said.

For the past 25 years, Martin has worked at NW Works, driven by her commitment to making a difference in the lives of others. After working at the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Mount Weather location during Desert Storm and later on in the manufacturing industry, Martin was ready for a change when she accepted a position with NW Works. The clients struck her from her first day as a Production Supervisor, Martin said.  

“The individuals that we support, I love their genuine personalities and their sense of accomplishment,” Martin said. “It’s very fulfilling [work] and I really get a lot of satisfaction from working with them.” 

Over the years, Martin’s role evolved into management and eventually she shifted from Business Services into Therapeutic Programs in February of 2020, although she says it wasn’t a major change.

“I was on the business side but the way things always were, I always worked pretty much in both roles,” she said. “It’s not like two separate entities. The business side still intermingles with the [Therapeutics] side.” 

Despite all the changes Martin has seen over the past 25 years, she has an optimistic outlook for the future of NW Works and believes the organization is “holding fast to our mission and really trying to improve our programs to enhance the lives of those we support.” Plus, Martin says she believes our larger society is becoming more inclusive for people with disabilities, which helps everyone. 

“Over the years with integrating our clients into the community more, people are becoming aware of their value to society,” she said. “It’s truly a good experience to have them in your life. They can do pretty amazing things. They enjoy having opportunities like everybody else.”

When she’s not helping clients reach their full potential, Tina can be found riding her Harley with her husband Barry. She also enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, Ben and Audrey. 

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