CEO Update: A Season for Gratitude

While Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away, this whole season is a time for gratitude. As the Chief Executive Officer of NW Works, I am extraordinarily appreciative of the remarkable staff we have working at our organization. Each day, they carry out our mission on behalf of our clients. They are the backbone making “Empowerment through Employment” a reality.

We all have experienced the impacts of how short-staffed the community – even the country – is lately. Yet our staff continued to work throughout the pandemic, throughout staffing challenges, and put their commitment to our clients above all else. Our team, from veterans to new staff, front line DSPs to administration, rose to the occasion with grace and patience. From helping with break coverage, flexing to fill job coaching slots in the community, and even changing roles entirely to help meet staffing needs, I cannot thank them enough for their commitment. Their passion for supporting our clients carried them through the changing tide and continues to show in the work they do every day. 

We have much to do in the year(s) to come. I am proud to be thankful for the committed team that we have at NWW. 

You will read in this edition of the newsletter about other staff members who were recognized by their peers for going above and beyond at work– a tradition we will carry on in future updates. But truly, it applies to our entire organization. Our team didn’t waver, despite it all, because they knew it would impact the clients. To quote this month’s staff profile, Candy Berryman, “That’s who we serve; if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have a job.” So to all our team members, thank you for your service. It is so incredibly appreciated.

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