NW Works in Profile: Todd Devine

Image of Todd Devine. A middle aged Caucasian man with short brown hair smiles at the viewer. He is wearing a light blue collared shirt. He is posed in front of a beige background.

NW Works is proud to introduce the community to our Board of Directors member Todd Devine. Todd joined the NW Works Board in October of 2021, after moving to the Winchester area with his family in 2019 from Rochester, MN.

Todd brings a strong passion for the disability community on both the personal and professional level. As the Finance Director of more than 6 years at Bear Creek Services, he is familiar with the importance of person-centered programming for disabled adults. Prior to joining Bear Creek, Todd worked in logistics, serving as a warehouse manager for over 20 years.

But he first got involved in disability issues to support his son, Jonah. Concerned with how inaccessible disability services could be in Minnesota, Todd got involved with local politics in the North Star State.

“It is difficult for a person with a disability to navigate,” he says, adding that there is further complication for those who move to a new state and have to learn a whole new system. “I want to positively impact the lives of people with disabilities in any way I possibly can. That’s the passionate reason why I wanted to join the board.”

“It’s My Job to Get Involved”

Coming from a finance background helped Todd to understand the ins and outs of services provided, from residential and social day programs to employment services. He saw flaws in the system and has sworn to right them.

“One of the things that has struck me the most is the value that our country places on how concerned we are with daycare providers but yet when it comes to care and services for people with disabilities, the less we can pay is always better,” he says. “They deserve opportunities that we are not providing for people with disabilities. […] There’s so much more value outside of just plopping them in a facility to not have to deal with it. It makes me very angry so I feel it’s my job to get involved and do something about that.”

Todd is a big believer in living life to the fullest. When he is not working, Todd enjoys spending time with his wife Dawn, daughter Madison, and son, Jonah. The family are avid travelers and have traveled through North America and Europe extensively. Todd and Jonah are also huge baseball fans, who are excited to cheer for the Nationals.

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