CEO Update: Keeping Our Community Safe

As we near the close of the second full year living in a pandemic, NW Works is reaffirming our commitment to provide our services safely to our clients and the broader community. 

Image of a cardboard box filled with boxes of rapid COVID-19 tests.

While our existing sanitizing protocols (weekly electrostatic spraying of the building, frequent sanitizing of high touch surfaces, and daily janitorial cleaning) have not changed, we have implemented several updates to our COVID-related protocols. 

All individuals must be masked when in our facility, regardless of vaccination status. Employees are required to wear either surgical masks, KN95s, or N95s, depending on their preference. NW Works is supplying both surgical masks and KN95s to employees at this time. Clients are required to wear masks, but may wear cloth masks if they so choose. Employees may choose to double mask with a cloth mask, as long as they also wear a surgical mask. 

Upon entering the building, everyone must check their temperature either at one of the thermal scanners near our client and main entrances, or with a hand-held thermometer upon entry. Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 is asked to stay home. Rapid COVID-19 tests have been distributed to staff members and replacement kits will be available for the time being. If clients or staff test positive, they are required to quarantine for 10 days. Despite the CDC’s changing guidance, our 10-day quarantine requirement remains the same.

Image of two cardboard boxes. On the side of the box are the words "KN95 Protective Mask." Also printed on the box is an image of a KN96 face mask.

Although the majority of our employees and clients are vaccinated against COVID-19, the organization does not mandate either employees or clients to get vaccinated for COVID-19. We do however, strongly encourage vaccination for any one who is able to do so. Resources regarding the safety and efficacy of the vaccines can be found here

Our number one priority is to keep clients and staff safe, while providing the highest quality care possible. Updated NW Works’ COVID-19 information can always be found on our website. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by phone at (540) 313-9400. Stay safe and warm as we head into February. 

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