The Sweet Sound of Dreams Coming True – The Winchester Star

Image of Shenandoah Student Farren Winter playin hand chimes with NW Works client Deanna Schwalenberg. Farren is a young caucasian woman with long light brown hair. She is leaning toward Deanna and smiling under her face mask. Deanna is a middle aged caucasian woman with short brown hair. She is leaning toward Farren and smiling.

WINCHESTER — Deanna Schwalenberg held metal chimes in both hands, focusing on the conductor at the front of the room who danced and pointed whenever it was time for the novice musician to sound her chimes during The Weekend’s song “Blinding Lights.”

It was hard at first, with Deanna scrunching her face and struggling to ring her chimes on cue. Midway through the song, though, she found her groove. Her grimace transformed into a smile so wide and bright, it could probably be seen from space. [READ MORE]

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(Image caption: Shenandoah University sophomore Farren Winter, a music therapy major, works with NW Works client and hand chimer Deanna Schwalenberg during rehearsal for the NW Works Chimers Wednesday evening at Shenandoah University. Image credit: Jeff Taylor/The Winchester Star)

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