Staff Recognition: May 2022

In the past, our monthly Staff Recognition takes place in our newsletter. However, this past month we received 18 accolades about our team! In order to give them all the space and recognition they deserve, we have posted them in full below.

Leading off the pack, Operations Manager Jake was recognized for his positive attitude and for always being helpful even when short-staffed. Thank you, Jake!

Therapeutic Programs Administrator Adrienne was given a shout out for always helping with break coverage, even when she is busy. Awesome job, Adrienne!

Therapeutic Programs Administrator Cassandra was highlighted twice for her dependability and positive attitude while filling in for center-based staff and helping to update paperwork. Way to be a team player, Cassandra!

Center Based and Community Transitions Manager Tina received several pieces of recognition in May, including for her dependability and excellent job performance. Tina’s nominators wrote about Tina’s commitment, starting her day at 6 am to coach an individual at a job site and staying late into the evening to ensure she is staying on top of her other responsibilities, and her time and effort she has poured into programs. To quote one nominator, “Tina, thank you, you’re awesome and appreciated!”

Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist Leslie was recognized for helping out with staff coverage inside and outside the building, being flexible to help with “whatever is needed”, and for being a great team player. Way to go, Leslie!

Therapeutic Program Administrator Candy was praised this month for always jumping in to help her colleagues without any hesitation. Thanks for being so dependable, Candy!

Compliance Manager Valerie received a shout out for helping her coworkers understand and implement policies correctly. To quote her nominator, Valerie is “always so patient.” Fantastic job, Valerie!

Therapeutic Direct Service Provider Chris was nominated for having a positive attitude and providing support to the team. Great work, Chris!

Therapeutic Outcomes Manager Lisa was highlighted for her dependability and her assistance covering various activities and job coaching in the community on short notice. Your contributions are very appreciated, Lisa!

Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist Ashley was praised for her teamwork this month. Ashley’s nominator wrote that she maintained a positive attitude despite last minute changes to her schedule. Thanks for being a great part of our team, Ashley!

Therapeutic Programs Administrator Kaitlin “saved the day” last month when she stepped in without hesitation to assist a colleague and resolve the issue. We are grateful for your actions, Kaitlin!

Therapeutic Rehabilitation Specialist Kim received a shout out for being available to help with our in-center programs and promoting a pleasant work environment. Kim “came in-house to fill in for a coworkers [and] made the most of the day for individuals in the area.” Wonderful work, Kim!

Therapeutic Direct Support Professional Tobi received another accolade this month for her excellent work performance and her dependability. Tobi’s nominator highlighted her ability to step in to run a service line and “not missing a beat. She just keeps smiling and doing a great job!” Tobi, thank you for being an awesome teammate!

Therapeutic Direct Support Professional Justine received two highlights in May. The first praised her for staying late to make sure all information on client progress was ready for treatment team meetings regarding an individual’s plan, as well as providing support to the Therapeutic Program Administrator during the meeting. She was additionally recognized alongside Therapeutic Direct Support Professional Sabrina for jumping in to help with dismissal and helping individuals get home at the end of the day. Justine and Sabrina, thank you for being super stars!

Therapeutic Program Administrator Lacey was saluted for her dependability while helping with an individual who was feeling ill to ensure programing wasn’t disrupted for other service recipients. Way to go, Lacey!

Community Direct Support Professional Caitlin received recognition for being flexible to accommodate individuals in the community engagement program. Caitlin’s efforts were very appreciated by her nominator and the rest of our team! Awesome job, Caitlin!

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