CEO Update: Volunteers Play Big Role at NW Works

By Debera Taylor

Volunteers are a critical component of any successful nonprofit organization. Volunteers provide needed labor and resources for charities, and of course, volunteering gives us all the warm, fuzzy feelings of altruism. Volunteer opportunities also present a chance for community members to take a peek behind the curtain of how these organizations serve the locality. 

Photo of two male volunteers standing in front of NW Works front entrance sign. On the left side of the photo, a man is leaning over, opening a bag of mulch. A second man on the right side of the photo is holding a rake, preparing to spread out the mulch. Both men wear matching orange tee shirts with the logo of Marlow Motor Company on them.
Volunteers from Tri-State Nissan restore NW Works’ front entrance sign.

As a nonprofit organization, NW Works can always benefit from a helping hand. Although we often solicit donations for various projects and programs needing support, NW Works also welcomes volunteers to help us accomplish our goals. Just this past month, volunteers from Tri-State Nissan of the Marlow Motor Company restored our front entrance sign, and in September, volunteers through the United Way’s Day of Caring campaign will help paint the hallways of our building. We will also be soliciting volunteers for the 7th annual Farm to Table fundraiser as well, ranging from set-up and sign-in tasks to serving food and cleaning up.

Volunteering can be more than manual labor. The NW Works, Inc. Board of Directors and NWW Foundation Board of Directors are all volunteers, bringing their expertise and passion to govern our organization. Their ongoing support helps plot the course the CEO leads the organization through. The Boards provide insight, feedback, and most importantly, oversight for the respective entities. We welcome additions to both as we continue to grow the boards of NW Works, Inc. and the NWW Foundation. 

Community support comes in many forms, all of which are greatly appreciated at NW Works. To get involved with our Volunteer Program, complete the volunteer application on our website or contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Crystal LeMieux.

Thank you in advance for your time, talent and willingness to serve our organization and our community as a whole. We are incredibly grateful for all of our volunteers.

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