NW Works clients learning about local job opportunities — The Winchester Star

Image of a large group of disabled adults seated in a meeting room. Before them, to the right hand side of the image, are several government employees. One woman works in administration, a man behind her wears a police uniform, and a third man wears a bright construction vest and a hard hat. He is holding a stop sign.

WINCHESTER — NW Works of Winchester is a nonprofit agency dedicated to finding employment and providing job training for local adults with special needs.

Over the past few days, the organization’s staff has been taking NW Works clients on field trips to area businesses to show them the types of jobs available in the Winchester area, and to let the businesses know there is a wellspring of ready and willing workers right in their own backyard.

“My job is to help them find a job,” Bonnie Zampino, customized employment manager with NW Works, said about the nonprofit’s clients. “It should be about what they want and what they want to do, but they don’t know [what’s available] because they haven’t had opportunities to explore things.”


Photo of 11 people sitting and standing, listening to Winchester Mayor David Smith. David is a Black man and has his back to the viewer.
Brian Brehm/The Winchester Star