CEO Update: A Final “Thank You”

Graphic of purple cursive text overlaid on a white background. The text reads "Thank You!"

by Debera Taylor

A final “Thank You” – 

Thank you to the clients for all of the life-lessons that you have taught me.

Thank you to the staff that have supported and continue to support those we serve. 

Thank you to those that go above and beyond to make someone else’s day better.

Thank you to our partners, our donors, and our stakeholders for supporting our efforts.

Thank you to the Management team for long hours, lots of paperwork and living our Mission.

Thank you to the Board of Directors for their support, passion, guidance and time.

Thank you to the Leadership team for executing, brainstorming, and giving of yourselves.

I am blessed to have come to NW Works and to have shared all that I have with all of you.

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