NW Works October Update

For many, Autumn symbolizes change: a return to school, cooling temperatures, and of course, the colorful transformation of the trees around us. At NW Works, things are no different.

Like the turning foliage outside our windows, so too have the colors inside NW Works changed. Volunteers from Handley High School visited for the United Way of the Northern Shenandoah’s Day of Caring to paint our hallways white and purple. The brightened environment is welcoming to the individuals who receive services at NW Works, as are the additional cosmetic changes coming to the building.

Our service lines continue to grow as well. New Community Engagement sites, like the Godfrey Miller House, allow the individuals we serve to go into the community to support other nonprofits in our area. This program helps individuals learn more about the community, build skills and social connections, and gain a sense of fulfillment from volunteering. Inside our building, the Career Cafe is thriving. In this mock cafe, clients participate as cashiers, hosts, waiters, baristas, and more. Individuals have the opportunity to learn about the responsibilities of various jobs and practice those skills. They also take turns as both employees and customers, working on living skills like ordering at a restaurant and paying for items. 

In early September, our signature fundraising event, Farm to Table, raised nearly $30,000  – our best year yet. We are incredibly grateful for the support of our community, including the town of Middletown, Vault & Cellar, Timeless Wines, and all of our sponsors and volunteers who made this event possible. 

As we head further into the fall, more exciting events will be underway. The Next Out of Nashville concert series at the Monument in Winchester will begin, benefitting the NWW Foundation through monthly country music concerts. This new partnership allows us to connect with people who may not otherwise be familiar with our mission, as well as support the thriving art scene in the Winchester area. 

Finally, the NW Works Board of Directors continues its work selecting a new Chief Executive Officer for the organization. With a wide and diverse range of candidates, the Search Committee is diligently collaborating with company leadership to identify the right individual for the position. Until that time, the organization will continue to be led by Vice President of Finance Stephanie Lett. 

Through all of these changes, our commitment to our programs and mission remains strong. We look forward to the opportunities to improve our services and our role in the community.