Celebrating 100 Days with Grady “Skip” Philips, III at NW Works

Wow! April 13th marks my first 100 days at NW Works! During the last three months, I have invested time in learning from our team about NW Works –  getting to know the staff that serve our clients selflessly, and spending time with the people who receive our services and learning about their hopes for their futures and the future of NW Works, learning about the policies that govern us, and exploring the relationships we have with other agencies.  My focus has been internal to better understand the many moving parts that make NW Works the organization it is today, which will help shape our future together over the coming years. I am excited to see the pieces come together through our collective work and aspirations for the future of NW Works! 

In conversations with all levels of staff, input from stakeholders, partner agencies, and recipients of our services, we are exploring ways to strengthen and expand the services at NW Works with one goal in mind: to further the mission of NW Works to better serve adults living with disabilities in the Northern Shenandoah Valley. As we consider changes for the future, my focus for all decision-making is: How does this align with our mission of empowering adults with disabilities on their employment journey? One of my primary responsibilities as President and Chief Executive Officer of NW Works is to make sure our mission is at the forefront of the minds of our team, encouraging us to think creatively about how we provide services and ways we can continue to improve while keeping clients’ wants and needs the priority. Continuing to analyze our scope of work through an employment and maximizing independence lens will ensure we stay true to the original mission that brought NW Works to fruition 52 years ago. 

Over the next 100 days, I will begin to shift my focus externally with more focus on the community.  My hope is to forge new partnerships, reach unserved or underserved individuals who would benefit from our services, garner support from residents, and build excitement around the growth to come. NW Works is on the verge of some exciting new developments that will continue to empower recipients of our services with greater opportunities, growing partnerships, and comprehensive pre-employment training to better prepare them for the workforce. The progression from assessment, skill development, confidence building and growth in life skills and employment possibilities will be part of our “next steps.”  I am excited to be a part of the next chapter of NW Works and look forward to your ideas and feedback for our growth and development together! 

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