NW Works in Profile: Morgan Towle

Meet Morgan! Morgan Towle is the newest addition to the NW Works team and serves as the Communications Coordinator. Morgan will be curating content on our various social media channels, liaising with community members to form engaging relationships, and executing internal and external communications. Prior to joining NW Works, Morgan was a full-time college studentContinue reading “NW Works in Profile: Morgan Towle”

Celebrating 100 Days with Grady “Skip” Philips, III at NW Works

Wow! April 13th marks my first 100 days at NW Works! During the last three months, I have invested time in learning from our team about NW Works –  getting to know the staff that serve our clients selflessly, and spending time with the people who receive our services and learning about their hopes forContinue reading “Celebrating 100 Days with Grady “Skip” Philips, III at NW Works”