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NW Works clients play important role in Trex’s daily operations

WINCHESTER — At a time when businesses are struggling to find staff, NW Works Inc. has been a godsend. Just ask the folks over at Winchester-based Trex Co. Inc., a composite decking manufacturer that is so pleased with the 14 NW Works clients currently on staff, officials are talking about doubling that number in the near future. [Read More]Continue reading “NW Works clients play important role in Trex’s daily operations”

CEO Update: What H.R 2373 Means for You

The proposed Transformation to Competitive Integrated Employment Act has been raising questions in our industry about the end of subminimum wage and what it means for people with disabilities. NW Works CEO Debera Taylor shares her thoughts regarding the bill and what it means for our clients and their loved ones.

NW in Profile: Missy Pugh

Missy Pugh, NW Works’ Government Contract Manager, has a packed schedule. But she found some time in her busy day to tell us about how her team helps government agencies run in our region.

Four Planned Giving Benefits to Consider While Estate Planning

Most people spend a good deal of time considering how to leave money to family members when they are planning their estate, but have you ever considered planned giving? “Planned giving” is just a term for giving to an organization or cause you support in a thoughtful, organized manner or creating a plan to give in the future.

How To Leave Money to a Charity in Your Estate Plan 

Planning to leave money to a charity in your estate plan is what we call “planned giving.” It is a powerful way to leave your legacy and speak about what was important to you, and we encourage each of our clients to consider this legal tool as they think about the future. 

Independence for All

Read NW Works’ July 2021 CEO update by Debera Taylor, focusing on the importance of independence for the disability community.


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