Who Are the Chimers?

As part of NW Works’ Community Engagement program, we are proud to offer a music therapy program, featuring hand bells. In partnership with Shenandoah University’s Department of Music Therapy, the NW Works Chimers meet weekly to practice and perform tone chime music, learning critical skills along the way. We concluded each semester with a public concert at Shenandoah University alongside conservatory students.

What is Music Therapy?

Music Therapy is a form of therapeutic intervention which uses music to address behavioral, social, psychological, communicative, physical, sensory-motor, and/or cognitive functioning. According to the American Music Therapy Association, “because music therapy is a powerful and non-threatening medium, unique outcomes are possible.” Our music therapist, Fredrica Dooley-Brown, MT-BC, set goals with clients, documents client responses and progress, and works with our clients to build communication skills.

Sponsor a Chimer

One semester of music therapy costs clients $60, or $120 for a full year of the program. For some of our clients however, this fee is a major barrier. Therefore, in an effort to continue providing this important service to our clients, we welcome sponsorships from the public. With just $60, you can give the gift of music for a whole semester. Please be sure to indicate that you are supporting the Chimers with your donation.

Sponsor a Chimer today!

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