Group Day Support Program

Image of an woman with Autism building a woodworking project. She is being supported by a female staff member, who is assisting through hand over hand support. They are in a classroom setting.

Choice Matters

NW Works provides support for individuals with disabilities to reach their employment goals. But we all have the right to make choices about how, when, and if we work. For some clients, programming that helps them to be active in life and in the community is preferable. That’s why we offer Day Support Services.

Through Day Support Services, individuals utilize the SNAP (Specific Natural Activity Program) curriculum to improve life skills. They also attend community outings, engaging in recreational and leisure activities. Some clients choose to work part time and participate in Day Support part time, so options are available to meet every individual’s goals.

Individuals enrolled in this program typically have a Medicaid Waiver, however, private pay options are available. Operating hours for this program are Monday through Friday, 8:15 am – 3:15 pm.

Image of an African American man with disabilities sitting at a table working with a young caucasian woman. There are pieces of paper in front of both people, and the man is holding a pen. Both people are wearing face masks.

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