Disability Employment: Making the Business Case

Image of purple text on a white background. Text reads Disability Employment: making the business case. October 17, 2022 from 9 am to 3 pm. Hosted by NW Works. Presented by Shenandoah University.

Nearly 1 in 4 Americans has a disability, but fewer than 20 percent of adults with disabilities are in the workforce. At NW Works, we understand the barriers in place for people with disabilities often are due to a lack of understanding and even discomfort in our society. But we also know that people with disabilities have much to bring to the workforce, and businesses who are hire people with disabilities see enormous benefits, including higher productivity, morale, and rates of innovation.

We are excited to host the inaugural Disability Employment: Making the Business Case conference on Monday, October 17, 2022. Presented by Shenandoah University, this one-day conference will show how your business can become more competitive by hiring adults with disabilities. Listen to speakers from a range of corporate, government, and nonprofit backgrounds on a variety of topics, including the tax benefits on disability hiring, understanding what reasonable accommodations are required, and how agencies like NW Works can provide support to employees with disabilities. Attend 3 of 6 breakout sessions with subject matter experts, listen to a panel discussion featuring local employers who are champions of disability hiring, and enjoy a catered lunch.

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About Our Speaker

Mark Wafer is a disability rights activist. Until recently, he was the owner of 14 successful Tim Hortons Restaurants in Toronto. During his 25 years in business, Mark employed over 200 workers with disabilities in all areas of the operation, including senior management. At any given time, approximately 17 percent of the workforce identified as having a disability. 

Mark is an internationally recognized expert on the economics of inclusion. He is an advisor to the Government of Canada and to the Government of Ontario, he is responsible for Canada’s national disability employment strategy, as well as the reform of basic income for Canada’s disabled. 

Today, Mark spends much of his time on Diversity, Inclusion and Equity initiatives. He is an alumnus of Cornell University. 

Mark has received many awards and recognition for his work, most notably from her majesty Queen Elizabeth II. He was inducted into the Canadian Disability Hall of Fame in 2014. 

A prolific connector of people, Mark has raised almost $60 million in the disability and broader non-profit sector. 

He is also a race car driver and the 2008 Canadian Historic Sports Car champion.

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