Grievance Policy



This policy is to provide NW Works employees with a clear, efficient and transparent grievance  process. The following procedures will ensure that NW Works employees receive a fair and  unbiased review of workplace concerns.  


This policy is applicable to all NW Works employees, clients, temps and volunteers.  

Procedures and Guidelines 

NW Works employees may have occasional problems or issues affecting their work, and it is  important to resolve these as soon as possible. NW Works encourages employees to resolve  disagreements respectfully through informal, frank, open discussion. HR and an employee’s  supervisor are two resources available to assist with informal resolutions. However, NW Works  also recognizes that occasionally more formal processes are needed.  

The NWW grievance process establishes procedures for the fair, orderly, and timely resolution of  problems or complaints using a thorough review process:  

  • NW Works will review grievances expeditiously and fairly.  
  • Grievances and the proceedings under this policy will be treated with the greatest  degree of confidentiality possible. However, limitations on confidentiality may include  NWW’s obligations to investigate grievance allegations, provide individuals accused of  misconduct an opportunity to respond, inform appropriate individuals of the imposition  of corrective action, or to fulfill duties imposed by law.  

Step 1: Informal discussion with supervisor  

Employee concerns should first be discussed with the employee’s immediate supervisor. Many  concerns can be resolved informally when an employee and supervisor take time to review the  concern and discuss options to address the issue.  

Step 2: Written complaint to supervisor  

 If the employee is not satisfied with the results of the informal discussion in Step 1, the employee  may submit a written complaint within five business days to his or her immediate supervisor to  include: 

  • The nature of the grievance  
  • Detailed information including evidence of the issue, witnesses, related to policies,  etc.  
  • The remedy or outcome desired  

The immediate supervisor will have five business days to respond to the employee in writing. The  supervisor should submit all written complaints directly to Human Resources, and work  collaboratively towards a resolution.  

Step 3: Written complaint to senior management  

If the employee is not satisfied with the response from the immediate supervisor, the employee  may submit a written complaint to senior management for review within five business days of  supervisor’s response. A copy should also be sent to Human Resources, and senior management  should work collaboratively with Human Resources if applicable. The request for review should  include:  

  • An explanation of the grievance and details of all previous efforts to resolve the issue. 
  • A copy of the written complaint submitted to the immediate supervisor.
  • A copy of the immediate supervisor’s written response to the employee’s complaint.
  • Detailed information regarding the employee’s dissatisfaction with the immediate  supervisor’s response.  

Senior management will consult with the employee’s immediate supervisor, and any other relevant  parties to evaluate the grievance and provide a written response to the employee within five  business days.  

Step 4: Written complaint to the CEO  

If the employee is not satisfied with previous response, they may submit a written complaint  directly to the CEO with updated information provided in step 3, within five business days of the  senior management response. The CEO will provide a written response to the employee within five  business days.  

The outcome of the review by the CEO will be final unless new evidence or other circumstances  warrant additional review of the complaint. 

If the complaint involves the CEO, employees may submit a grievance to the Chair of the  Governance Committee, who will review the complaint, investigate as needed and come to a  resolution. It is the intent that this process occurs within ten business days. If the Chair needs  more time to fully investigate and resolve the complaint, the Chair will respond to the employee in  writing stating approximate timeline.  


Human Resources will maintain records of the grievance process confidentially and securely.  

Policy Non-Compliance  

Individual non-compliance may result in adverse administrative or disciplinary actions up to and  including termination. 

Related Policies  

COMP – 4301: Non Discrimination /Harassment Policy  


NW Works expressly reserves the right to change, modify or delete the provisions of this policy  without notice. This policy is not intended to restrict communications or actions protected or  required by all applicable local, state or federal law.