ProjectSEARCH Students

Graduation season is upon us once again and we are thrilled to celebrate the 12 graduates of the ProjectSEARCH class of 2021.  While students across the country navigated a mix of in-person and virtual schooling, the ProjectSEARCH students were in-person five days a week, completing three rotating internships from September to June at Valley Health’sContinue reading “ProjectSEARCH Students”

Young Adults Celebrate Breaking Down Barriers

Eleven graduates have completed the 180-day ProjectSEARCH program at Winchester Medical Center, where they got the opportunity to take part in three separate internships in various hospital departments. WDVM’s Karlynn Wells reported on our ProjectSEARCH program, in partnership with several local agencies. Check out the story below:

ProjectSEARCH Program Launches at Winchester Medical Center

NW Works partners with community agencies to provide employment supports to high school students. Through the innovative project known as ProjectSEARCH, NW Works enables students with disabilities to gain and sustain a variety of internships. This year 12 interns will complete three rotations of internships at Winchester Medical Center. The goal is to help theContinue reading “ProjectSEARCH Program Launches at Winchester Medical Center”